Graham Pike: My Life in Estate Management

Graham Pike - My Life in Estate Management

After 40 years within the industry, starting his Land Agency career with Meller Braggins in October 1976, all at Meller Speakman would like to wish Graham Pike a long and happy retirement.  It has been a huge pleasure working with Graham over the years – some for almost 18 years and he will be very much missed at the office.

Now retirement has arrived, we all wish him well with many days on the golf course, out in the garden and spending time at home and away.

This is Graham’s life in his own words:



I arrived in Cheshire in October 1976 after completing my Estate Management course at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.  My first job took me to the Dunham Massey Estate, Altrincham where I became the assistant to Peter Chapman of Meller Braggins.  Dunham Massey had just been bequeathed to the National Trust and this was a very interesting period as the Hall, gardens and park were opened up to the public.  This exercise took three years to complete and enabled me to qualify as a Chartered Surveyor.

I then moved to the Estate Office in Rostherne continuing to assist Peter Chapman in the management of a number of Estates including Tatton, Mere and Toft, becoming a Partner in Meller Braggins in 1984.  At this time I became involved in running an in-hand 600-acre farm – this was a trend that many Landlords are continuing today including contract farming and is mainly driven by the Capital Taxes legislation.  Another major change over my career has been the reduction in the number of farms as the smaller units are split up and the land added to another farm to make it more viable.

When Peter Chapman retired, I took over responsibility for the Land Agency department.  Further Estates were transferred to the Rostherne office following the merger with Gandy & Son of Northwich and the department slowly grew.  At this time Peter Wain joined the team and has subsequently taken over the senior role.

In 2013 an opportunity to acquire the Rostherne office from Meller Braggins was taken and Meller Braggins Estates Plus was created. Further recent changes have enabled the business to move the office to Wilmslow and return to part of the original Land Agency name of Meller Speakman.

I’ve had a very interesting and rewarding career in managing Estates and general professional work, have worked with some wonderful people – colleagues, clients and tenants alike – and would like to take this opportunity to thank them and wish Peter and his team good luck and success in the future.